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My last day in Goreme, Cappadocia 12.06.2009
The Red Valley hike- Cappadocia 27.01.2009
Pigeon Valley - Cappadocia 27.01.2009
Returning to Cappadocia, if only in photos - Christmas day 26.01.2009
I'm back at home, safe and sound 05.01.2009
Today the adventure comes to an end 27.12.2008
Snowy Christmas Eve in Cappadocia 27.12.2008
Hiking in Zemi Valley 26.12.2008
Noeliniz va Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun 24.12.2008
Solitude 24.12.2008
I made it to Goreme, Cappadocia 22.12.2008
A rainy Istanbul day is good for catching up 20.12.2008
A tearful αντιο to Αθηνα 18.12.2008
Can I get a big "Wahooo!!" 16.12.2008
The bittersweetness of it all 13.12.2008
Riots continue 09.12.2008
Sad day in Athens 07.12.2008
A Rainy Roman Day 05.12.2008
Il dolce far niente 04.12.2008
Consulting the oracle at Delphi 02.12.2008
Meteora Rocks... 20.11.2008
İstanbul, one final day.... 16.11.2008
İstanbul, my İstanbul - Day 2, part 2 11.11.2008
İstanbul, my İstanbul! Day 2 09.11.2008
İstanbul, my İstanbul! 08.11.2008
A part of my heart is gone today 04.11.2008
A walk around Kuşadasi 02.11.2008
Temple of Aphrodite at Aphrodisias 30.10.2008
A Delightful Turkish Day 27.10.2008
I arrived in İstanbul 27.10.2008
Exploring Vathy on the Island of Samos 24.10.2008
I made it to Türkiye!! 24.10.2008
I made it to Samos 23.10.2008
Nine Lives Greece and my travel plans 22.10.2008
Peloponnese Day 2 continues 21.10.2008
Peloponnese Day 2 - a morning of contemplation 21.10.2008
A four day trip to the Peloponnese 21.10.2008
Temple of Zeus Olympieion 18.10.2008
I'm going to Turkiye! 15.10.2008
Randomness 13.10.2008
I admit, I've been a slacker 13.10.2008
Athens First Cemetery 30.09.2008
The mysterious bird at the Temple of Poseidon 28.09.2008
How much window shopping can one do in Athens? 27.09.2008
The Temple of Poseidon 26.09.2008
A rainy movie night in Athens 25.09.2008
A thunderstorm last night.... 23.09.2008
A rainy weekend in Athens 22.09.2008
Doing the tourist thing 19.09.2008
A walk about Athens 18.09.2008
Classes have started 16.09.2008
A weekend on a Greek island 14.09.2008
Off to the island of Tzia 12.09.2008
Greek food, drink, and finally a Papadopolous 11.09.2008
Here are some photos as promised 11.09.2008
I can't believe I keep forgetting my camera! 10.09.2008
Update on my forgotten luggage 09.09.2008
A day in Athens 08.09.2008
I've arrived safe and sound 07.09.2008
Tomorrow is it! 05.09.2008
Almost here! 03.09.2008